BIG fun 4 little ones has a specially designed educational program for

preschools and child care centres.

The program is set over a 5 week period, where the BIG fun team will come to your school and use music, dance, theatre, props, arts and crafts and costumes to teach your little ones a specific theme.

A wide variety of themes are available to chose from, which allow the kids to use their imagination, motor skills, coordination and have BIG fun, while learning about our world and environment.

If you require more information, please fill out our contact form and we will be in touch.


  • Each session starts with a small talk about the theme chosen, we then do a dance warm up  and maybe  sing a little song.  Next we use  pictures  to discuss our particular theme, using  music, dance, theatre, costumes and props, we use our imagination and act out what we are learning. Followed by our much loved statue game and magic tunnel to end the session. Here are some theme examples to chose from.

  • THE SECRET GARDEN- Learn about the secret life of a garden, how plants and trees grow, how bees make honey, how spiders make webs, why Ladie bugs have spots, and magical garden fairies may appear.

  • UNDER THE SEA - Learn about the amazing world under the sea, how fish swim around and breath, how jelly fish move, how many legs does an octopus have and how whales migrate. 

  • THE LIFE CICLE OF A BUTTERFLY- Learn how an egg grows into a 

    caterpillar, how its spins silk into a chrysalis then transforms into a beautiful butterfly. 

  • AROUND THE WORLD- Using a map of the world, visit different countries and learn about their flag, what their national cuisine is and their groovy dance styles.

  • DINOSAURS- Learn how each dinosaur has a different roar and a different dance, using fun songs to learn the difficult name and how they move.


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